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Sarah Ruba is probably the most adorable model evarrr. I remember her from the Delia*s catalog days. In fact, in addition to Miss Jenny Lewis, I had clippings of Sarah from Delia*s for my example of how I wanted my bangs cut. Seriously, how could I not want to look like this girl?
Since Delia*s she's totally become more successful, and it's been fun to recognize her in magazine and TV ads!

Like rockin the Converse ads.

And rockin the catwalk to one of my fav frilly dress designers Betsey Johnson.

And she doesn't stop there... This girl has a sweet lil singing voice to boot. She shows it off in her indie electronic synth-pop band, New Look! Man, this girl is way rad.


c May 27, 2009 at 1:19 PM  

I think you're the most adorable ever!

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