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Mike and I were bored one night, so we decided to visit Toys 'R' Us for fun. I remember the days when I would get to go there as a kid. Favorite aisles were #1: the bike aisle and #2: the Barbie aisle.... hot pink everywhere!

Anywho, we had fun lookin around at everything. They had a different kind of pink aisle in the board game section. Apparently marketing people think that if they take a regular game and give it a pink box, it immediately becomes more "girl-friendly".

It was fun to see that kids are still into some of the old classics...

...but also apparently they tend to be into skanky looking dolls now... ew. "Cloe as a little kid"?? Her mom definitely lets her daughter go wild.

Then Mike and I picked out our favorite toys. How could I not pick the Barbie Dream House? I only asked for it for Christmas EVERY YEAR of my childhood.

And look how happy Mike is next to his favorite- the Star Wars legos! He can't wait to have kids so he can play with their toys.

Hmm how should I end this post? Ooh I know- pile of unicorns (with a shark or two thrown in).


mitchie May 23, 2009 at 1:07 AM  

the pink ouija board is REALLY weird. its even creepier in pink.

ps. i heart your blog

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