I'm totally bored with my hair, but I love keeping it long and like rockin the bangs. I actually like my natural color too, so what's a girl to do? I thought I'd try throwing in some color here and there to keep it interesting... and then I thought maybe I would try to give myself some choppy layers around the front too.

Well, I tried to go with purple, but of course it didn't show up that much once I rinsed it out. So I'll just say I went purpler because it is definitely more purple than it used to be.

Here is my head covered in foil and my face attractively greased up with vaseline so I don't dye things I don't want to...

...like my hands. Apparently they recommend gloves for a reason. Oops.


Mitchie April 7, 2009 at 11:26 PM  

i've felt the same way about my hair this week and i almost chopped a bunch off myself. also i'm excited to see your purpler hair.

i've done something similar before with similar results. i dyed it twice and the second time I used more dye with much better results.

Ciara April 8, 2009 at 11:29 PM  

Although I told you this in person, I am commenting so that everyone else can be forewarned!

Having dark brown hair, when I wanted purple streaks I had to bleach it. The purple would look amazingly awesome for about... 2 washings... then turn bright red and fade to bleached-hair-color, all in the span of about 10 days. It's a sad reality: purple hair takes lots of maintenance!

But, it can be, oh-so-worth-it... :) Well, I mean, if you don't have to do it yourself every few days!

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