oh andy, i am proud

Dear Andy Samberg,

I am proud of you for working your way up in showbiz where you belong. I remember the old days when I would look up The Lonely Island sketches on YouTube. You made me stifle giggles usually around 3am with your O.C. parody The 'Bu and sketch show Awesometown.

Then you were miraculously cast on Saturday Night Live, and I suffered through that inevitable initiation period in which you were stuck with non-speaking roles like the waiter in the background of that sketch where those guys sing a song in a bar and remember stuff that gets more and more inappropriate. Why wouldn't Lorne Michaels recognize the comedic genius in his very own cast?

But then you struck it big with what you do best... Read my lips: Di. gi. tal. Sha. Orts. Um, can you say like the HIGHLIGHT of SNL? And I bet people don't even know that you and The Lonely Island guys created the MacGruber sketches as well.... *Sigh* You have made me proud, son.

"We're the dancerss."

On another note, if I had more access to taxidermied animals (and my goodness I wish I did), these are EXACTLY the kind of photos I would take:

And lastly, for old time's sake, here is the sketch that shot you to fame:

Love, Karen

PS: Let's pretend the movie Hot Rod never happened, and just move on.


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