ladyhawk indeed

So I am just hanging in there until May 1st. Sadly, I have been so busy that I have been neglecting my extracurricular (or whatever the work equivalent word is to "curriculum") creative activities. No more cute felties or helvetica paintings or bejeweled/bebeaded/bedecorated boxes to speak of, unfortunately.

However, Karen's hair adventures continue... The purple dye washed out faster than I could say "Hot Topic", but last weekend for the Bang I totally hawked it out.
FYI, The Bang = super awesome silly monthly costumey-themed dance party at the Blind Pig. This month was the Head Bang... 80's metal abounded. And my hair stayed in place all night, people.

You know it.


d April 23, 2009 at 4:06 PM  

i know it indeed. hang in there! may will be good - summer will be here, and it will be sunny.

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