oh andy, i am proud

Dear Andy Samberg,

I am proud of you for working your way up in showbiz where you belong. I remember the old days when I would look up The Lonely Island sketches on YouTube. You made me stifle giggles usually around 3am with your O.C. parody The 'Bu and sketch show Awesometown.

Then you were miraculously cast on Saturday Night Live, and I suffered through that inevitable initiation period in which you were stuck with non-speaking roles like the waiter in the background of that sketch where those guys sing a song in a bar and remember stuff that gets more and more inappropriate. Why wouldn't Lorne Michaels recognize the comedic genius in his very own cast?

But then you struck it big with what you do best... Read my lips: Di. gi. tal. Sha. Orts. Um, can you say like the HIGHLIGHT of SNL? And I bet people don't even know that you and The Lonely Island guys created the MacGruber sketches as well.... *Sigh* You have made me proud, son.

"We're the dancerss."

On another note, if I had more access to taxidermied animals (and my goodness I wish I did), these are EXACTLY the kind of photos I would take:

And lastly, for old time's sake, here is the sketch that shot you to fame:

Love, Karen

PS: Let's pretend the movie Hot Rod never happened, and just move on.

common cup, plz take notice

So the Common Cup, the coffee shop down the street that many coworkers of mine and I happen to frequent, was the first place that I discovered the now commonplace trend of "latte art". Basically they swirl around the foam on top of your drink into cool patterns... and then you ruin it three seconds later by drinking it. But those three seconds before you drink it away are awesome.

ANYway, I now offer them this suggestion, as seen on cuteoverload.com:

Come on! How freaking adorable is this?? I would go to the Common Cup all of the time and buy 50 drinks if they did this!

ladyhawk indeed

So I am just hanging in there until May 1st. Sadly, I have been so busy that I have been neglecting my extracurricular (or whatever the work equivalent word is to "curriculum") creative activities. No more cute felties or helvetica paintings or bejeweled/bebeaded/bedecorated boxes to speak of, unfortunately.

However, Karen's hair adventures continue... The purple dye washed out faster than I could say "Hot Topic", but last weekend for the Bang I totally hawked it out.
FYI, The Bang = super awesome silly monthly costumey-themed dance party at the Blind Pig. This month was the Head Bang... 80's metal abounded. And my hair stayed in place all night, people.

You know it.

not-so-crazy lady

So, Lady Gaga is still rockin my ipod, but her offstage (and onstage for that matter) antics are getting a bit ridonkulous... For the record, I thought her American Idol performance was craptastic too... Maybe she just makes magic in the studio and doesn't deliver in the same way onstage? Anywho, that is a discussion for another day.

So now I am going to introduce you to another musical lady in my life... one who wears pants regularly!


I'm lovin her grungy synthy beats. Songs to check out: "Magic", "Back Of The Van", "Paris Is Burning".

i miss you rory gilmore

How did that job turn out in California? Did Logan ever track you down and propose again? Or maybe Jess moved out there to write more poetry and woo you with his street smartish charm and vast literary knowledge?

9021omg ridiculous

So I'll be the first to admit that the new 90210 is ridiculous to begin with... and yet I still watch it of course. I mean, how can I live my life without knowing what will happen to Adrianna's baby, or if Silver is going to end up in a mental institution, or if the writers will manage to seamlessly weave in a Fast and Furious-esque drag race plotline again??

But what this is really about is that 90210 has basically evolved into a game of "spot the Dr. Pepper product placement". Yes, apparently, Dr. P and the Bev Hills gang are in cahoots:

After this past Tuesday, though, they must have decided that we are just not getting the message. I am sorry that I don't have video of this or even screenshots, but let me just quote for you a couple scenes.

Ok, to set the stage, Annie and her adopted brother Dixon (pretty much the new Brenda/Brandon-ish bro & sis duo) are taking a road trip on their spring break to find Dixon's birth mother. Ooooh drama! Sounds like an opportunity for a thirst-quenching beverage!

Dixon and Annie are in the car, arguing over the music.

Dixon: The driver get to pick the music- it's the rule. Annie grumbles. But you get to be in charge of the snacks!

Annie reaches into back seat. Shot changes to close up of a cooler. She opens it, and balanced on a bed of ice are six cans of Dr. Pepper arranged in two rows, all label-side up.


They pull into a rest stop and get out of the car.

Dixon: Maybe if you didn't drink so much Dr. Pepper, we wouldn't have to stop...

Annie: We're on a road trip, Dixon! Drinking Dr. Pepper is WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT!

Blah blah turns into a dramatic moment. Then- cue commercial for... surprise... Dr. Pepper!

# of times Dr. Pepper was mentioned by a main character in the episode: 3
# of Dr. Peppers featured in the episode: like 20
# of times I have wanted Dr. Pepper since seeing the episode: a lot... crap... it's working.

comixing it up

I love graphic novels and you should too. Here are some of my favorites...

Ghost World by Daniel Clowes
This is a total 90's darkly comedic story about two recent high school graduates who amble around their home town being snarky and cynical... because what else is there to do in boring towns, honestly?

Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth, by Chris Ware
This story follows Jimmy Corrigan through some truly heartbreaking moments in his lonely life. The bulk of it focuses on when, as an adult, he meets his father for the first time. The art in this is so obsessively meticulous... love it.

Blankets by Craig Thompson
In his memoir, Craig Thompson weaves childhood memories into his recount of falling in love for the first time. This the kind of autobiography I'd love to create some day.

La Perdida by Jessica Abel
The character Carla, an American of Mexican heritage, moves to Mexico City as an ex-pat hoping to assimilate to the culture there. Then some unpredictable crazy stuff happens... no really... I did not see that coming.

Maus by Art Spiegelman
If you read one graphic novel (or two, since this is a two volume series), you need to read this recollection of Spiegelman's father's experiences as a Polish/Jewish Holocaust survivor. Pulitzer Prize winning! What more can I say?!

Sin City series by Frank Miller
Lastly, if you are looking for a graphic novel that falls into the "guilty pleasure" category, this is the one. The art is all contrasty, film-noir-ish style, and the seven volumes in the series have overlapping and intertwining stories of corrupt cops, crime families, and various heroes, with gobs of violence and of course a little bit of romance sprinkled in, all set in Basin City, aka SIN CITY.

the perfect man

If this post makes you uncomfortable, you're just gonna have to deal with it... my husband is a hot man.

MFD, baby

My band mates and I like to rock the party (aka church) with some wholesome songs about Jesus! Check it out...

We're playing Hillsong United's "My Future Decided"- one of our favs.

Happy Easter! Yay for JC.

frootee frendzz

Here are some more felt fruits! I had fun making them... enjoy the pix :)


I'm totally bored with my hair, but I love keeping it long and like rockin the bangs. I actually like my natural color too, so what's a girl to do? I thought I'd try throwing in some color here and there to keep it interesting... and then I thought maybe I would try to give myself some choppy layers around the front too.

Well, I tried to go with purple, but of course it didn't show up that much once I rinsed it out. So I'll just say I went purpler because it is definitely more purple than it used to be.

Here is my head covered in foil and my face attractively greased up with vaseline so I don't dye things I don't want to...

...like my hands. Apparently they recommend gloves for a reason. Oops.

felty fruits

I have had and will continue to have a very busy April! I missed posting though, so I promise to try to keep this updated through the craziness. Anywho, I have quite a little produce collection coming along. Here I will introduce you to three new friends:

Agitated Apple

Ornery Orange

Glum Plum

Misery loves company!

Now I just need to bug Mike to take photos of the other ones I've made too... Hopefully those will be coming very soon!

fee-uzz (aka fierce)

Who doesn't love a good reality TV show about modeling? Between America's Next Top Model and Make Me A Supermodel (not to mention modeling school and a brief career in it myself... no joke), I consider myself an absolute modeling expert (joke that time). So when Mike and I found ourselves in an alley recently, I figured PHOTO SHOOT!

You already got to see the boots montage a few days ago. Now I bring you the look inspired by this dude running (while checking himself out in a mirror, but we'll ignore that part) on MMAS:

However, I realized that (as Tyra always sez on ANTM!) even if you get the pose down, you can't forget what your face is doing! I think I am a victim of this... I look a lil silly. Tyra would vote me off this week, I think. "Two girls stand before me, but I only have one photo in my hands..."

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