crafty bday

Another memorable part of my birthday involved working on a super fun crafty project. Mike had this great idea that we could decorate plain wooden boxes. He ended up painting one to hold all the game dice he has. I didn't really know when I started what I wanted to do with mine, other than I wanted it to be super colorful and cute and kind of ridiculous.

So I started by assembling my materials:

This was one of the gifts Mike got me- replicas of old-timey typewriter keys.

I also dipped into my ample supply of plastic beads.

I covered the box with paper and paint to give it some color in the background.

And then it was time for funnnn! I recently re-acquired all my old Barbie accessories- I didn't realize how much great crafty fodder I had! Here you see Barbie's beloved mini record player that actually spins when you wind it. It fulfilled the criteria: colorful, cute, and kind of ridiculous.

TO BE CONTINUED... ooooooh suspense! How will it end??


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