ok leggings you win

Sooo I know it's like two years into this trend (or 25 years too late), but leggings have finally won me over. I still hate them when worn AS PANTS (unless you are a size 0), but I now find them perfectly respectable under a dress or a really long shirt.

In some cases though they should be illegal...

jenny jenny jenny

Today I present to you a montage to my absolute favorite rockstar girl ever, Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley. She writes amazing songs AND manages to look awesome all of the time. I even got bangs because I wanted to look like her (kind of... I was thinking of getting bangs anyway, but that sealed the deal).

The Execution of All Things is one of my top 3 fav albums everrr... Maybe if you keep reading my blog I will reveal the others. Anywho, here's my girl:

And for your listening pleasure...

christmas money rocks

i am

obsessed with

my new boots


helvetica strikes again

a.k.a. Karen gets painty and stencily with a couple of 5x7 canvasses:

confessions of a snuggaholic

Ok, I have to come clean here... I love my Snuggie. I never would have bought one for myself (partly because I hate saying the word "Snuggie", even in my head), but then my brother got me one for my birthday. Once I slipped on those warm fleecy sleeves and settled into a comfortable couch potatoey position, I was hooked. Now the Snuggie comes out morning, evening, and night.
Not to mention that a Snuggie really lightens the tone in any situation. I don't think my husband and I could possibly get into an argument when a Snuggie is being worn.
And just think how much less creepy this scene in Eyes Wide Shut would have been if they were all wearing Snuggies instead of creepy cult robes!

(single piano note) DING...DING...DING

Now my only goal is to keep it out of Zooey's reach. She's already personalized my Snuggie: I am now the proud owner of a Snuggie: Zooey limited edition. It can be yours too for the low price of $24.99! If you order now, it comes with pre-chewed decorative holes! Holes may differ in size and shape. Dried cat saliva on edges included.

Times I managed to say "Snuggie" in this post (including that one): 9

crafty bday part deux

I know all three of you who read this have been waiting at the edge of your seats to see the amazing conclusion to my box project. Wait no longer!

I added some more cute junk to the top of the box.

Here it is!

And what's a box without big googly eyes?


I love how it turned out! Now I have a place to keep the extra stuff that didn't make it on top of the box, haha. Thank you Mike and everyone else for my lovely birthday fun!

gmail of the FUTURE

So lately gmail has been occasionally time-traveling to send me emails.

crafty bday

Another memorable part of my birthday involved working on a super fun crafty project. Mike had this great idea that we could decorate plain wooden boxes. He ended up painting one to hold all the game dice he has. I didn't really know when I started what I wanted to do with mine, other than I wanted it to be super colorful and cute and kind of ridiculous.

So I started by assembling my materials:

This was one of the gifts Mike got me- replicas of old-timey typewriter keys.

I also dipped into my ample supply of plastic beads.

I covered the box with paper and paint to give it some color in the background.

And then it was time for funnnn! I recently re-acquired all my old Barbie accessories- I didn't realize how much great crafty fodder I had! Here you see Barbie's beloved mini record player that actually spins when you wind it. It fulfilled the criteria: colorful, cute, and kind of ridiculous.

TO BE CONTINUED... ooooooh suspense! How will it end??

i heart spring

Happy first day of spring!... or is it the second? I can never get that March 20/March 21 thing straight. Anyway, good news- green is on its way!

I made this cute lil guy because I wish hearts grew on trees. But it would be awesome if they were real human hearts, so people wouldn't have to wait to get transplants and carry around those little pager thingies...

I'm weird.

spin that record, babe

Dear Lady Gaga,

Your album The Fame has been making my workday fun and electronic-y. I also love your look from the neck up, but could you maybe please start wearing pants? You make me have to crop the photos I want to post of you.

Love, Karen

PS: I want to paint a lightning bolt on my face everyday and sing into a sparkly microphone too.

beefy bday

So I had a super fun birthday on the 18th! In fact, Mike and I had a jam-packed day, and we documented the highlights by taking lotsa photos. You will be seeing the funness over the next few days or so- I need to divide it up so I can get multiple posts out of it, of course.

So the focus today is on the most amazing restaurant in the entire metro Detroit area...


That's right, this is a high-class cafeteria-style restaurant. Why is it deserted at 6pm? Maybe because their typical clientele flocks in at like 4:30, if ya know what I mean... We were the youngest people there by like 40 years I think.

These are the goods right here: THE ROAST BEEF, MASHED POTATOES, AND GRAVYYYYY. Please note the lightning fast motion of my fork and knife as I hastily cut my meat.

More on Karen-day later! Thanks everyone for the lovely messages and for flooding my facebook wall!

blythe in color

I want to be Blythe! *Sigh* she has it all... disproportionately huge cutesy eyes, adorable outfits, and a knack for being where the action is:

Not to mention that she's worth hundreds of dollazz on ebay. That's right- people break the bank for these little retro dolls!

cake & ice cream day


I absolutely love Karen Walker's t-shirt design and I totally want it! Anywho, I got inspired by the cutesy rhyming. Here is my subsequent concoction:

i like the stereo in my car

soundtrack this week:

Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine
Late Blues - Ida
I'm Good, I'm Gone - Lykke Li
Let It Fall - Lykke Li
Sour Cherry - The Kills
Cheap and Cheerful - The Kills
Hot N Cold - Katy Perry
Again & Again - The Bird and the Bee
Encantada - Ida
Pale September - Fiona Apple
Lucky - Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat
Time to Pretend - MGMT
Arithmetic - Brooke Fraser

the twilight of my week

So I finally got around to seeing Twilight at the dollar theater. I could go on and on about my feelings on it, but that would be embarrassing considering how much, yet again, I am totally into a movie made for teenagers. (*ahem* HSM 1-3, anyone?)

If you know of my love for teen movies, you may know this other fact about me: I love the website IMDB.com. It has literally come through for me in every "where have I seen that actor before ahhh this is so frustrating" moment. And I mention that because watching Twilight was like 2 solid hours of that. Seriously, everyone in that movie has been in something else that I have seen. Sooo I have decided to compile a little list for your reading and viewing pleasure:

Name: Kristen Stewart
Twilight role: Bella Swan, the sweet-blooded new girl in town
Where she's been: A terrible movie called In the Land of Women, in which Seth Cohen can't decide between her or her terminal cancer-ridden mother, Meg Ryan. Ew.

Name: Robert Pattinson
Twilight role: Edward Cullen, the brooding vampire who doesn't desire human blood until he meets Bella and falls in love. He saves her life like 8 times and takes her to the prom- what more could you ask for in a vampire boyfriend?
Where he's been: I dunno... how about a little movie called Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? He totally gets the shaft though- Lord Voldemort himself avada kedavras (aka KILLS) his lil wizard self and then Harry Potter steals his girlfriend like 2 seconds later. Ouch.

Name: Nikki Reed
Twilight role: Rosalie Hale, vampire mean girl
Where she's been: She plays Evie, a parent's worst nightmare for a teenage daughter in Thirteen, thoroughly corrupting the main character until her life is pretty much ruined before it's barely begun!

Name: Peter Facinelli
Twilight role: Dr. Cullen, vampire foster father to all the local teenage vampires
Where he's been: Jennifer Love Hewitt's total jerk bf in Can't Hardly Wait... who thankfully gets dumped in favor of the endearingly awkward guy.

Name: Cam Gigandet
Twilight role: James, the super evil vampire who vows to consume Bella's blood just to make Edward mad... Vampire duel!
Where he's been: His character Volchok in The O.C. is responsible for Marisa's death! Somewhere Jeff Buckley is singing "Hallelujaaaaaaahhh" as Ryan carries her in slow motion...

Name: Sarah Clarke
Twilight role: Bella's ditzy but loving mom
Where she's been: As Nina Myers, she was probably 24's most evil villain- she fooled Jack Bauer himself and pulled the trigger in his wife's heartbreaking death. Luckily Jack got all Jack Bauery on her and avenged that death like whoa.

There actually were more, but let me just say I can only google image Twilight for so long before I see way too many fan drawings of misshapen Edward Cullens! So let me just leave you with a little Twilight goodness:

tea time

Just a lil happy teacup I made:

plush pain

Apparently I am setting my aims too low, in terms of what hardcore things I can sew from felt. Behold the felt AK47:

I wouldn't even know HOW to make one of those... Mine would look like a blob with a trigger.

fav lolz

It's no surprise that my favorite lolcats are the cute ones...

my name is karen

and here you will find things that i make and see.

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