What it's like trying to relax when this little kiddo is around. Don't let that extremely adorable and lovable face fool you. NO REST FOR YOU.

happy weekend!

Time to kick back and chill! (with lots more layers if yer gonna be outside)

flower girls

What better way to celebrate October and the swift change to cooler temps than to remember warmer times and abundant peonies? Also, the bloggy should be back to normal, so enjoy the pics once more!


The site that hosts my blog images is currently down. Boo! They say it'll be fixed within the next couple days. So, for now you will just see a bunch of broken links in their place. BUT, youtube is still working, so please enjoy two cute vids while we wait this out...

To one person they are trimmed hosta leaves, to another, they're palm leaves welcoming Jesus riding his donkey into Jerusalem.

Doesn't get much cuter than this one.

finders keepers

Cute pic, but this lil bugger massacred my roses in the early summer! Grrr.

So little, yet such a nuisance. (the caterpillar, not the sweet girl)

Ah well, time to run off and play.


sunny & warm

Perfect weather lately!

Wonderful fam always!

local talent

This video is just so great. She's telling Mike about her whole artistic process...

at home

It's small and usually a mess, but it's a cozy home.

twinkle twinkle little stars

I just can't get enough of these cuties bein' cute.

long summer days

So long, summer! (and by that I mean calendar-wise... Not picture-wise. There will be plenty of sunshine, shorts, and swimming photos to come!)

Sometimes even the rainy days are okay too. (Mike was a trouper!)

my name is karen

and here you will find things that i make and see.

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