I love seeing what kind of art Violet makes. We got out the paints, and she decided she wanted to create a "circle rainbow". She reminded me that we needed to mix indigo since that's a rainbow color :)

And check out this amazing masterpiece. I was commissioned to draw a family portrait. I think Violet thought it was just okay.

She also made a little hanging heart for the fridge.

And we've got quite a collection of family pictures. I can't keep track of who's who.

I do remember, however, that this is "Cat Mommy". Obviously.

kiddo randomz

ebb & flow

Still looking through the wave of growth from last year and thinkin about the months to come...

a few vidz

I love hearing this girl laugh so hard!

And here is Bianca watching the above video! I know, kinda trippy. Violet was gone at Grandma and Grandpa's, so seeing Bianca's excitement in seeing this video was pretty adorable.

Silly Bianca loves to watch the baby on the phone screen (shhh don't tell her it's herself)

A new buddy!

wrap it up nicely

Well, after all my dillydallying, I finally reached the end of 2014, in terms of bloggable pics. (Technically I have a bunch of instagrams, but I'll forget about that for now) I figured I would do one big Christmas odds and ends post, starting with the kids program at church performing a couple songs.

Violet was front and center and did an excellent job.

See for yourself if you'd like! She had her hand motions down.

One of our family traditions is making and decorating gingerbread cookies. V had to bust out her chef outfit of course. She was a big helper.

Mike decorated one of the cookies like Violet's handmade ornament from last year (probably one of the best ones on the tree).

We visited Santa, which is always an adventure in "what will Violet's reaction be"? And this year we had Bianca to wonder about too. I'd say it went pretty well! Violet had no interest in sitting on Santa's lap, but I don't blame her... I'd rather her not think it's okay to just cuddle with any random stranger, no matter how jolly.

I'll skip pics of the Lightfest and move on to the very end, where we get to see some cool lights up close.

And I'll end with a sweet little Bianca smile! Merry belated Christmas!

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