lucky seven

Today marks the seven year anniversary of receiving one of the best gifts of my entire life... Mike as my husband! I just can't imagine life without him. If back then I saw this photo, I would be amazed at how blessed I would be in the coming years. Mike is not only a strong, loyal, calm, and compassionate husband, he also brings everything that I love about him into his role as a father too. Sure is somethin, being teamed up with this man. I LOVE YOU!

in the distance



my little angels.


girls/garden/games/grub edition

happy weekend!


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sweet lovely v


(I have to say, I am pretty impressed with her kicking skills. Future soccer star?)

seven months

Bianca is seven months old today! Just look at that sweet little face :) I LOVE HER SO MUCH

my name is karen

and here you will find things that i make and see.