up close & personal

Just visiting the zoo...


...They really let you interact with the animals.

Even B joined in on the fun! (Okay so soon after I realized it was too tight so don't hate on me too much)


just us + the cam

singin her heart out

Life is crazy. Accept this video as an offering of my gratitude for your willingness to keep checkin the bloggy despite my recent lack of posts. Her little intense face is pure gold.


Oh my goodness, this little beauty is four years old today. FOUR years. Four years of knowing and loving this little gift to our family. Happy birthday, sweet Violet Melody!

nine months old

This little sweetie has been with us for 3/4 of a year. I'm trying to cherish the little baby snuggles as much as possible. Sadly, there comes a time when your kid doesn't want their cheeks kissed all the time, so I gotta get the extra cuddles in now! I mean, just look at that cute little face...


about face

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for these three.


[parking structure at 4th & e. washington]

late summer

Shorts, tank tops, sitting in the grass, playing in the water, lounging poolside, outdoor dinners next to the grill, flowers and green grass... it all kinda feels like a distant memory...

garden to table

One of the reasons I wanted to grow tomatoes this summer was to gather a bunch and make some spaghetti sauce from scratch. You know, back when I used to think that was a good idea.

I didn't really look into what it would take to do this ahead of time. Boiling the tomatoes and then shocking them in a cold water bath and then peeling the skins off takes work, but is okay...

However, slicing skinless tomatoes is another story. (Or is this a screenshot from an episode of Dexter? Sorry, I've got it on the brain. We just finished season 1! So good!)

Well, after I chopped up a bunch of other veggies and whatever else went into it, Mike decided that he was going to make some pasta from scratch. We don't exactly have one of those things that you can crank out noodles from (other than Violet's plastic one which is encrusted with dried play-doh). So he used the pizza cutter and we just had very robust noodles.

I didn't even take a photo of everything together, but this is a quick pic of the leftover sauce. I must say... it was kind of disappointing. The only reason I would recommend making sauce from fresh tomatoes is if you find yourself in like the 1800's or something. It was an experience I'm glad I tried, but I think if I get the urge to make my own spaghetti sauce, I'll be grabbing the fresh grown cans of tomatoes from the crop field known as aisle 7 at Meijer.

But that first pic of the tomatoes... Nice, right?? I got a great haul this summer.

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