happy weekend!

Happy faces all around!

video vednesday

wheeeee times threeeee

singin songs around the campfire (aka grill)

Back when she was eleven months old and just days away from walking!

Oh, the kind of music we will be enjoying for several years to come...


Driving down the highway ain't so bad sometimes.

sunday best

For every photo like the first two, there are at least four times as many like this one. Thank goodness for cameras that you can just clickclickclickclick...

some days

Sometimes you have the kind of day when you're just doing your thing and then a strange cat comes along and eats your ice cream.

good times in grandville

cooking companion

Bianca's naptime = V & me time = cookie bar time = multiple sticks of butter = YUM

still life

One day I ended up with a bunch of lovely flowers on my table.

V wanted to draw, so I decided to try my hand at real sketching. I was pretty proud of how it turned out, since I've never really done this kind of thing! Or at least not since I was like 12 and drew pictures of JTT's face from posters in BOP magazine. But then the next day...

"Mommy! Look, I made your drawing pretty!!" I audibly gasped at that one... And we had a little talk about how Violet needs to ask permission to color any of Mommy's pictures.

So I gave it another try. I've been having fun attempting to draw a little more (very occasionally... I mean it's not like I have loads of free time). Perhaps there will be more (very amateur) drawings to come!

grill & girls

Nothing like spending a summer day outside with my girls

...And my grill. Especially when it's loaded up with lots o' goodies.


And we gotta top it off with s'mores!

library girl on the go


b/w, b & me

spring sky

our backyard, this past spring

my name is karen

and here you will find things that i make and see.

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